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Ecofeminism, Ancestry and Spirituality


RangdArt is a women-only company that researches the parallels between art and spirituality, working with themes such as ecofeminism, erotism, mysticism and ancestry.


Allegra Ceccarelli, is an Italo-Brazilian artist, who has been working for more than 20 years as a performer, actress, director, choreographer, dancer, singer, teacher, and producer, living between Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Bali (Indonesia).

She has a Master Degree in acting from East 15 Acting School, in London, and in 2015 was awarded with a 2 years scholarship to study Balinese Ancient Dance-Drama at ISI Denpasar University, in Bali. Over the last 9 years, while immersed with local communities and learning balinese dance from different masters, she has also been dedicating her studies researching the human body as a device of trance, how to connect with the invisible energies through art. For Allegra the art is a ritual, a prayer, where human beings can connect their bodies, mind and soul with the energies of the earth and sky, allowing ourselves to be a vector between different dimensions.

Featured Performance

I Am You

Tired of being ignored, silenced, usurped, devoured and raped daily, Mother Nature materializes herself in the bodies and voices of “plant-animal” women to claim back her space. A ritual, a witchcraft, an ancestral return to the origins....or a love declaration to the one who offers us so much and receives so little in return? It is a pause that let spectators reclaim a break from the injunctions of a world that runs after money, fame and greed thereby causing its destruction.


The ritual performance art I AM YOU is an offering, a play that is made to enchant city centres, made to enchant the public visual and sensorial senses, allowing it to be bewitched.

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