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Ecofeminism, Art and Ritual


RangdArt is a women-only company that investigates the performance art as a ritual, working with themes such as ecofeminism, erotism, mysticism and ancestry.


Allegra Ceccarelli, is an Italo-Brazilian artist, who has been working for more than 20 years as a performer, actress, director, choreographer, dancer, singer, teacher, and producer, living between Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Bali (Indonesia).

She has a Master Degree in acting from East 15 Acting School, in London, and in 2015 was awarded with a 2 years scholarship to study Balinese Ancient Dance-Drama at ISI Denpasar University, in Bali. Over the last 8 years, while immersed with local communities and different masters in Bali, she has been dedicating her studies to investigate the parallel between performance art and ritual, applying spiritual practices into her art.

Featured Performance

I Am You

Tired of being ignored, silenced, usurped, devoured and raped daily, Mother Nature materializes herself in the bodies and voices of “plant-animal” women and claim back her space. A ritual, a witchcraft, an ancestral return to the beginning, or a declaration of love to the one who offers us so much and receives so little in return. A pause, a sacrifice to the busy time that urges for money, greed and destruction. How many times have you sacrificed your time just to be grateful to nature?


“I Am You” is a movement offering piece, made to enchant the urban center and proposes to the public of the big cities a pause, an opening of their eyes and ears, their senses, to allow themselves to be bewitched.

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