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The Balinese Daisies

Ritual Dance-Theatre Solo/ 2018


The Balinese Daisies is a solo, inspired by the actress's life and studies during the first years that she lived in Bali (Indonesia) and also by the stories of her aunt, Margarida (Daisy), who having traveled all continents, chose Bali as her favourite place. It was Margarida who first took Allegra to Bali when she was only 16 years old. After 15 years, the artist returns to the island with an idea in her mind: to rescue the life her aunt had tragically lost. Determined to seek her aunt's womb, Allegra rediscovered her own womb in the strength of her ancestry, rediscovering her body through the Balinese dance.

The show was performed in Rio de Janeiro festivals:


  • Ocupação Ovárias- May 2018

  • Casuarinameia81- July 2018

  • Dança Viral, Teatro FUNARTE Cacilda Becker- November 2018

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